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sound designer

DAW asset creation using recording techniques, sound libraries and musical instruments. Sound processing, mix and master.

unreal engine

Sound implementation. Procedural sound design, scripted sound systems and tools using Blueprints.


Piano and synths are something else for me. I'm a mix of traditional audio artist with a geek tech enthusiast. 

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About Me

I’m Wilson, a Brazilian sound designer for games with experience in music production and academic career as a former background.

I have experience with implementation in Unreal Engine using Sound Cues and Blueprints. I'm familiar with Wwise as well. As a music producer and trained classical musician I am familiar with all
processes involved in recording, creating, processing, mixing and mastering sounds and music.

I'm always available to learn new tools and meet new people. Im highly interested in companies and work spaces that offers career development opportunities.

I'm passionate for music as I am for games since I was a kid. It was just a matter of time for me to start working with game audio.

I love giving life to things as a sound designer. I'm a nerd regarding discovering and experimenting and I love the freedom a sound designer for games has on creating and exploring.

My favourite game genres are: cRPG's, RPG's, immersive sims, tactical shooters, boomer shooters. I'm also into simracing.

Amongst my favourite games are: Final Fantasy Tactics, SWAT 4, Half Life 2, Fallout NV, Prey 2017, Quake, Dusk, S.T.A.L.K.E.R Anomaly and rFactor.

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