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About Me.

I'm Wilson, a brazilian technical sound designer for games with experience in music production and academic career as a former background.

EUROPE and GERMANY (2020 - )

In 2020 I knew I was coming to Germany and I had to prepare for a big move in my life. It is not easy to leave your country, family and dear friends behind, as well as projects and personal belongings to restart so far from where your home and connections are. 

As a music producer and trained classical musician I was already familiar with all processes involved in recording, creating, processing, mixing and mastering sounds and music. I was familiar with Wwise and I decided to invest in middleware and Unreal Engine 5 implementation. I also started studying C++ to get a better understanding of UE5 foundations.

Key Acomplishments: Wwise sound systems creation, Unreal Engine 5 implementation using blueprints, C++ initiation.


I started working as a music theory, keyboard and DAW initiation for ​music producers, DJ's and other types of clients in music production at Loop a bit after finishing my masters. In that experience I could also assist in music recording, editing and soundtrack for linear media. Being close to experienced music producers on a daily basis helped my growth immensely in that field.

Key Acomplishments: Studio recording, audio editing, mixing and mastering, DAW audio creation and production, sound to picture soundtrack creation for linear media. Also, dealing with clients needs and the company's needs as well.

UFRJ - MASTERS and GDP (2017-2020)

During my masters I was already into game audio. My masters thesis dives into game audio discussions on interactive media and non-linearity in games. The contact with such material has brought me uncountable ideas on how to deal with the tools I was using on my daily tasks regarding designing audio for games. 

During that time I was engaged with the UFRJ game dev project (GDP- UFRJ). I was the music composer and sound designer on 'Kingdom War Of Conquest - 2019' for mobile and other unreleased small projects. 

Key Acomplishments: A master thesis that discusses game audio, sound designer and composer at GDP with one game released in 2019.

ACADEMIC CAREER (2010 - 2019)

I have wanted to work with games since my teen years, but it didn't sound grounded back in the day. I ended up giving up on computer science and dived into music studies, crafting the ability to play the piano in a music conservatoir as my main activity for some years. I soon decided I wanted to pursue an academic career in music. It sounded like a great choice since I enjoyed the activities and I was following the path of experienced musicians that I've learnt to admire. I started working as a music teacher in small schools, private spaces, and later in academic activities - leading groups of students. I have learnt to deal with all types of clients with uncountable issues and constraints. Also, the classical piano school taught me discipline, resilience, long term commitment, working with feedback, guidelines and deadlines

Key Acomplishments: Dealing with clients, attending and leading groups, public talking, research, discipline and resilience, classical piano and music knowledge.




I believe in family and true friendship, in loyalty and honesty. I also belive in environmental consciousness, self-sustainability and self-knowledge. I'm pro living a healthy life and being aware of our surroundings.


I believe autonomy is key, but also team playing is a must. Knowledge is fundamental, so as communication. Being ambitious is good and it's different from greed. 


I'm an introvert, but I can't stop talking when I am with my friends. I am good communicator though, which is a perk I got from dealing with clients and presentations for so many years. I am also always proactive and I love meeting new people. I'm also always engaged in learning something new. 



My favourite game genres are cRPG's, RPG's, immersive sims, tactical shooters, boomer shooters. I'm also into simracing.

Final Fantasy Tactics, SWAT 4, Half Life 2, Fallout NV, Prey 2017, Quake, Dusk, S.T.A.L.K.E.R Anomaly and rFactor are amongst my favourite games.


I'm totally into the classical piano repertoir, but I am lover of synthesis and I'm always mixing these things together somehow. I am also into some rock and metal subgenres such as the djent. Also, I'm a bit into jazz and I am always discovering good new games soundtracks to listen. Choro is a brazilian genre I'd like to mention as something that calls me back home.


Pen and paper RPG is something else for me. The use of pure imagination and the possibility of creating and living immersive stories are the main pros for me. It is an activity of creativity in group that I can't see in any other media. It's the pinnacle of freedom and interactivity.

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