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This is a small project made with Wwise and Unreal Engine 5. It tells a story of a boy who is sent to learn magic from a village herbalist who lives in a isolated shaft.

I’m a sound designer for games used to work with music production and academic career as a former background. I can create high quality audio assets using DAW and plugins, field recording, foley, library sounds and music instruments.

Game audio is more than just composing music. It’s about what do you want to show, or hide. What is the role of the sound design? Which mood should be suggested? There are so many possibilities. Game audio is about design. We should care about the sounds, but sometimes silence and discretion are the most important things. A good design is the one that fits the intentions and supports the flow in which all elements within a game development are involved.

This is just a non context exercise. It's not made to fit League of Legends soundscape aesthetic. Maybe I'd do it that way next time. ;)

Samurai is a gameplay 1min song that invoques a chill out low fi samurai vibes (that was the briefing) made for the GDP Samurai game to the GDPack unrelesead project.

Middle age and board games were some of the references used on this work. Kingdom War of Conquest Original Soundtrack has a side narrative that tries to bring a specific mood into the gameplay.

Gameplay songs for GDP Kindgdom War of Conquest, released for Android in 2019. 

Kingdom War of Conquest gameplay soundtrack (Morning, Working, Sunday and Shiu) uses a side narrative that tries to bring a specific mood into the gameplay. As background music, also fill the empty space and helps the player focus on the game tasks without going to the front to the point of bringing listening fatigue to the player.

Full album on BandcampKingdom War of Conquest | Wilson Santos (

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