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Sound effects,
Wwise and Unreal implementation


> Dragon Age 2 trailer excerpt: Sound effects and sound processing using library sounds and synthesizer.

> Spaceship panel and controls: audio composition using field recording and sound library in Ableton Live, audio system development using switches and blendtracks in Wwise, implementation and ship control system using blueprints in Unreal Engine 5.

> Pure Mage: music and sounds composition in Ableton Live, audio system development in Wwise, full game development and audio implementation in Unreal Engine 5 using Blueprints.

> Hibernation system for Nomad: audio composition using recording and library in Ableton Live, audio system development in Wwise, implementation using blueprints in Unreal Engine 5.

> Kingdom War of Conquest (2019): Title screen and gameplay music composition. Sound design for UI and gameplay animations sound effects.

Extended versions

Here you can see a in depth version with more on the systems designed with Wwise and Unreal.  

Ship controls and sounds for the engine test event for Nomad. It shows more details about the ship controls system, including error sounds and navigation limitations on the second part of the video - with explanations.

A game audio demo with music and sound effects made with Wwise and Unreal Engine 5. It tells a story of a boy who is sent to learn magic from a village herbalist who lives in a isolated shaft.

Hibernation system for a generator event for Nomad. This video shows how Wwise project was made, also how Unreal Engine blueprints are set.

Linear Sound Design

A sound to picture music movie with sound effects made using highly contrast gameplay and cinematic extracts from games I like. The intention of this video was to make a welcome trailer to my website and youtube channel - a trailer focused on sounds which talks about the the role of audio design for games.

A non context sound to picture redesign to League of Legends lootbox animations.

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