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Music Composition Reel for


Music and Sound Effects

A sound to picture music movie with sound effects composed using highly contrast styles and aesthetics. The initial intention of this video was to make a welcome trailer to my website and youtube channel - a trailer focused on sounds which talks about the role of audio design for games.

Piano playing

The 20 Easy Etudes for Piano is an educational project - music compositions for piano teaching and learning processes. The boat, on the left, takes inspiration from the Impressionism era from composers like Debussy and Fauré. Mosca, which is 'Fly' in Portuguese, aims to work with descriptive sounds, inspired by the 20th century practices and also from the 'Flight of the Bumblebee'.

Gameplay Music

Gameplay songs for GDP Kindgdom War of Conquest, released for Android in 2019. 

Kingdom War of Conquest gameplay soundtrack (Morning, Working, Sunday and Shiu) uses a side narrative that tries to bring a specific mood into the gameplay. As background music, it also fills the empty space and helps the player focus on the game tasks without going to the front to the point of bringing listening fatigue to the player.

Full album on Bandcamp: Kingdom War of Conquest | Wilson Santos (

Samurai is a gameplay 1min song that invoques a chill out low fi samurai vibes (that was the briefing) made for the GDP Samurai game to the GDPack unrelesead project.


Wilson Santos

I'm Wilson, sound designer, pianist and music composer for games with experience in music production and academic career as a former background. I can create and implement high quality sound assets and scripted systems using Wwise and Unreal Engine. As a music producer and trained classical musician I am familiar with all processes involved in recording, creating, processing, mixing and mastering sounds and music.

I've been passionate for sounds as I am for games since I was a kid. It was just a matter of time for me to start working with game audio.

My favourite game genres are: cRPG's, RPG's, immersive sims, tactical shooters, boomer shooters. I'm also into simracing.


Amongst my favourite games are: Final Fantasy Tactics, SWAT 4, Half Life 2, Fallout NV, Prey 2017, Quake, Dusk, S.T.A.L.K.E.R Anomaly and rFactor.


See More About Me for further details.

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Extra 1: Game Music worth checking out

On the left: A JRPG inspired battle music.

On the right: A concept using synthesizers for a never ending tension dynamic music using layered sounds. This version is linear though.

Extra 2: Interactive Audio Reel

Sound design reel aiming to show audio systems in Unreal Engine only using blueprints and also with Wwise as a middleware. 


> Project Nomad - UE5 sound design demo using techniques such as: area loop, source loop and one shots for ambience. Diegetic (spatialized) sounds vs Non Diegetic (2D Stereo) Sounds. Moving sounds using sequencers. Several dynamic sound events using visual scripting (UE5 blueprints) systems. Sound Classes, concurrencies and more on the mix of the final product are still in development.  

> Pure Mage: Wwise RTPC event connected to the Health blueprint system developed in Unreal.

> Spaceship panel and controls: Wwise events connected to the Widget audio system developed in Unreal.

> Dragon Age 2 Cinematic Sound Redesign.

All sounds were created by me using recording, sound libraries and synthesizer - as well as music instruments.

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